In 2011, we developed a snail cream named Heliroyal PLUS with a snail extract with exceptional antiage power and produced it in Slovenia. With all its active ingredients in natural form it works on restoring skin cells, soothes the skin, and also makes the skin naturally stimulating to its own restoration and caring for proper skin moisture. It is extremely nutritious, since the natural basis of the extract contains 60% of proteins, alantoin, collagen and elastin, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins. The snail cream Heliroyal PLUS operates a booster regardless of age, maturity or skin type and relieves, prevents skin problems.
The cream belongs to natural cosmetics. It is considered a booster cream, because with all its natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins and proteins in natural form it works on the restoration of skin cells, and it naturally stimulates the skin to its own restoration and regulates optimal skin moisture.
Areas: anti-age, skin restoration, skin hydration, prevents the development of pimples, nourish acne skin, wrinkles, warts, brightens pigmentary signs, helps prevent the formation of stretch marks, dry skin on face or body. All this and more naturally soothes and eliminates our natural snail cream Heliroyal PLUS.